WHAT IS TrailNote™?
TrailNote™ is an online alert systems. Users post a trip, a departure time, a return time, where they are going, and who TrailNote™ should contact if they do not return in time. If they do not return by the schedules time TrailNote™ notifies their contacts and provides them the users trip information. You can read more information about TrailNote™ and how it works by visiting our 'About Us' page here.

A TrailNote™ user requested you be notified if the TrailNote™ alert they created became "Overdue". This is the primary feature of the TrailNote™ website. It means that they have gone on a trip and have yet to cancel the TrailNote™ alert notice. IT DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN AN EMERGENCY, however, you should act accordingly. In the TrailNote™ alert email sent to you there is a link to view ALL the details of the users TrailNote™. You can also look up the TrailNote™ if you have the TrailNote™ ID number. We can recommend the next steps for you take.
  • Do not panic! Most likely the user has forgotten to cancel their TrailNote™.
  • If they are only overdue by a short time they may just be late in cancelling their TrailNote™.
  • Try to contact the user. The TrailNote™ link lists all pertinent trip & contact information.
  • Contact any friends or neighbors that may know of their wearabouts.
  • If they went with a group, find out if any of the group has returned.
  • If you can not confirm that this person or group has returned safely, we always recommend you contact the local authorities and provide them with the TrailNote™ information.
Please remember that the user listed you as an emergency contact and wishes that you act in that role to help them. If the user returns and cancels their TrailNote™, you will receive an email 'CANCEL' notification.

TrailNote™ has three status levels. Each level shows the current status of every TrailNote™ and the final status of a cancelled TrailNote™.
An ACTIVE TrailNote™ is any TrailNote™ that has been created on the system. The status remains active from creation up until the return date/time.

A LATE TrailNote™ is any TrailNote™ that has exceeded the 'return' date/time but has not yet been cancelled by the user. A warning email is sent to the user asking them to cancel the TrailNote™.

An OVERDUE TrailNote™ is any TrailNote™ that has exceeded the 'return' date/time AND the user-set overdue date/time. Alert emails are sent to the user and to the user's emergency contact emails. If you received an "OVERDUE" email, please read the "I RECIEVED AN "OVERDUE" EMAIL NOTICE" section above this one.

WHAT IS A TrailNote™ ID?
Every TrailNote™ is identified by an id number. TrailNote™ ID's consists of an easily identifiable date code and serial number. You can use a TrailNote™ ID to lookup any TrailNote™ from the home page.

Example TrailNote ID: AUG1109-44261151
   AUG1109 - Created August 11, 2009
   44261151 - Unique serial number

TrailNote™ is concerned about every users privacy. While our goal is to keep everyone safe we do not provide user identifiable information or detailed trip information without a user's consent. If an item is marked "PRIVATE", the user has choosen to limit their public information. Users can change their privacy settings in the Account Settings Tab.

Some Android based mobile phones experience an error accessing TrailNote™. If you receive a "Warning: This SSL Certificate is not from a trusted authority" notice, we recommend you just say "Ignore" or "Continue". The issue is a bug in the Android operating system and not a TrailNote™ issue. Your data will still remain safe and encrypted.