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Missing hiker found alive after 6 days in Joshua Tree National Park
October 01, 2010
-Los Angeles Times
  Ed Rosenthal, a prominent real estate broker from Culver City and an experienced hiker, was alert and able to talk and walk when found but was dehydrated and is in fair condition.

Always Lost? It may be in your genes.
March 03, 2010
-Kavita Varma-White (
  When it comes to navigation skills, some of us are homing pigeons. Others are mice in a maze.

The sharp navigators are those who can figure out which way they need to go in an unfamiliar setting to get to their destination. No GPS needed to find their way around town. No always stopping for directions. Some folks, meanwhile, are hopelessly disoriented — the type that gets lost in a paper bag.

American Hiking Society Covers TrailNote
February 18, 2010
-Kristy MacKaben
  Most of us know the story of Aaron Ralston, the hiker who amputated his arm to survive after getting trapped by a boulder. Ralston was on a solo climb in Blue John Canyon, Utah when the incident happened.

Couple stranded 3 days after GPS leads them astray
December 29, 2009
-Jeff Barnard, (AP)
  KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — A Nevada couple letting their SUV's navigation system guide them through the high desert of Eastern Oregon got stuck in snow for three days when the GPS unit sent them down a remote forest road.

Missing Mount Hood Hikers
December 14, 2009
  Rescuers are looking for two missing hikers after finding a third dead on the slopes of Oregon's Mount Hood, but the search has been hindered by the threat of avalanches, a sheriff's deputy said Sunday.

Technology that makes rescuers want to lock up hikers
October 26, 2009
-by Chris Matyszczyk - cnet
  Perhaps you might be one of those who believes that there should be a very remote and unremitting island, somewhere in the Northern Baltic Sea, reserved for all those who act in an utterly inconsiderate manner.

TrailNote.Com Saves Tax Dollars by Reducing Rescue Time
October 25, 2009
-Associated Content
  Easing the Burden on the Forestry Service and Increasing Hiker Safety

Tired from a tough hike? Rescuers fear Yuppie 911
October 25, 2009
  FRESNO, Calif. — Last month two men and their teenage sons tackled one of the world's most unforgiving summertime hikes: the Grand Canyon's parched and searing Royal Arch Loop. Along with bedrolls and freeze-dried food, the inexperienced backpackers carried a personal locator beacon — just in case.

A missing hiker and his dog are rescued in Columbia County
October 18, 2009
-By Steve Beaven, The Oregonian
  A 72-year-old man who went on a hike with his dog and spent the night in the wilderness near St. Helens was rescued.

Missing Pa. hiker dies before reaching safety
October 15, 2009
-The Associated Press
  Authorities in central Pennsylvania say a missing hiker was found alive along a trail but died before he could be carried to safety.
  ::READ MORE:: Reviews TrailNote
October 09, 2009
  EasyBackpackingTips, a great site for people just starting out or for those with experience in backpacking, has posted fantastic review of TrailNote. We would also like to extend out thanks to one of our members that passed along our service on to them.
  ::READ MORE:: in the East Vally Tribune
October 02, 2009
-East Valley Tribune
  Richard Visokey and his business partner, Brandon Price, decided to come up with a way to help other outdoors enthusiasts follow the advice every expert gives: “Always leave a note describing when, where and for how long you will be gone.”

Hikers freeze to death
September 28, 2009
  Two Cape Town women have been found dead after freezing to death while lost in the mountains last night.

NH sees cost of hiker rescues nearly double
September 26, 2009
-Boston Herald
  CONCORD, N.H. — New Hampshire’s Fish and Game Department has spent nearly double what it had at this time last year to rescue lost in injured hikers off its mountains.

Could online service save missing hikers?
September 19, 2009
  Every year, hundreds of hikers go missing, sometimes with tragic results. The Valley is no stranger to this problem, and two Valley men have come up with an online service they think will help.

Hikers body found near trail head
September 17, 2009
-East Valey Tribune
  Mesa, Arizona - A hiker who rescuers spent six days searching for in Lost Dutchman State Park was found dead Tuesday a short distance from a parking lot near the trail on which he was last seen.

Free Emergency Notification Service for Outdoor Enthusiasts
September 17, 2009
-Associated Content
  What happens if something goes wrong while you're hiking, biking, rock climbing, or jogging in the park? Take a look at the rules and safety recommendations for every outdoor activity. No matter which source you consult, you'll likely find something like this: Always let someone know

Search continues for missing man in Canyon
September 08, 2009
-The Arizona Republic
  A massive search for a man who has been missing in the Grand Canyon National Park for more than a week will continue through Labor Day, officials said. Grand Canyon National Park rangers are asking recent visitors for help in locating 43-year-old Andrew Brunelli, who was last seen entering through the park's south entrance station north of Tusayan about 5 a.m. on Aug. 31.

Lost People Tend To Walk In Circles
August 20, 2009
-Discover News
  If you're lost in the woods and you feel like you're walking in circles, you probably are. Without landmarks to guide us, people really do go around and around, a new study has found. The finding emphasizes the importance of being prepared if you're going to set off into the wilderness or even into a maze of city streets. Most dead hikers, after all, are found within a mile from where they got lost.

Missing hiker alive, but missing most of his teeth
August 19, 2009
-The Salt Lake Tribune
  A hiker missing in Washington County since Sunday afternoon was located Tuesday on Red Mountain after falling.

Park Service says visits to national parks are up
August 18, 2009
-Associated Press
  Our advice... Remember to leave a TrailNote should you decide to venture out!

Boy, 11, dies while stranded in Death Valley
August 08, 2009
-Associated Press
  An 11-year-old boy died in the intense heat of Death Valley National Park after he and his mother became stranded in one of the world's most inhospitable areas and survived for several days on bottled water, Pop-Tarts and cheese sandwiches, authorities said Friday. The ranger who found them explains "A GPS does not replace a map, a compass, checking in at the visitor center and letting people know where you're going to be!"

Missing Hiker Found
July 29, 2009
  An overdue hiker, Wayne Richard Morgan, has been located safe and sound. Morgan was located by citizens as he hiked out of Pine Creek trailhead info Inyo County. Morgan refused a ride back to his vehicle, choosing to finish hiking the final portion. The Sheriff’s Office is attempting to get all of their search and rescue personnel out of the area but efforts are being slowed because of heavy hailstorms.

Missing hiker located in Millcreek Canyon
July 27, 2009
  Search and rescue crews have located the missing hiker in Millcreek Canyon Monday evening.

Body found in Grand Canyon park believed to be missing hiker
July 25, 2009
  Search teams combing the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona found a body on Saturday believed to be that of a missing 20-year-old hiker, the National Park Service said. Bryce Gillies, a student at Northern Arizona University, left last Saturday for his backpacking trip through the Deer Creek-Thunder River area of the park, and said he would return on Monday. A search effort was launched on Tuesday after he was reported missing.

Lost Hikers Epidemic: What's with All These Missing Hikers Lately?
January 17, 2008
-Associated Content
  Seems like every day, there's another news report of a missing hiker or "lost hiker."

Naked Hikers Face Spot Fines
January 09, 2008
  Naked mountain hikers in the Swiss canton of Appenzell-Innerrhoden will in future face on the spot fines of 200 Swiss francs ($170), Swiss daily Tages-Anzeiger reported over the weekend.

Let's hope they set a TrailNote so everyone knows where to avoid the naked hikers!